10 Vegan Pantry Staples on Amazon

10 vegan pantry staples you can buy on amazon

With all that’s happening in the world right now, going to the grocery stores can be stressful. If you’re anything like me your anxiety level is at an all-time high. Or it might be that you just don’t have the time to search the aisles for vegan staples and goodies. Whatever your reason may be, Amazon offers a variety of vegan options. These are 10 of my favorite vegan pantry staples on Amazon.

The pictures below are affiliate links. Any purchase made by you through this link may result in me earning a small commission or credit from the sale, at no extra cost to you! I only recommend products that I use and love!

1. Lotus Foods Organic Ramen Noodles

Normally I buy this at Costco. But if you don’t have a Costco card or you don’t feel like making the trip this can be found on Amazon. I love ramen noodles and I go through these so quickly. This is why I buy the 12 pack.

I am not strictly gluten-free but it is convenient that these noodles are both gluten-free and vegan. Plus, they are really easy to cook and you wouldn’t guess that they were gluten-free. I have an easy ramen recipe on the blog where I use these noodles. They are also really good in a stir fry with veggies and a vegan meat replacer.

2. Larabar

I like to bring these on hikes or pack them for trips. What’s great about Larabars is that they are usually less than 6 ingredients and every ingredient is recognizable (meaning you can easily buy all of the ingredients at a grocery store).

There are also a variety of flavors all made with dates, fruit, nuts, and/or chocolate. Not to mention they are delicious and a lot of the flavors even taste like dessert.

Larabar, Gluten Free Bar, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, Vegan (16 Bars)

3. Birch Bender’s Pancake and Waffle Mix

I like this company because you just add water and cook. So easy! I also added bananas to mine but they do cook differently when you do that and they are on the sweeter side.

It is important that you know that not all of their products are vegan. So, remember to check the labels!

Birch Benders Plant Protein Pancake & Waffle Mix

4. Bob’s Red Mill Rolled Oats

I love Bob’s Red Mill! They have a variety of products meant for vegans and celiacs (or if you just have an intolerance to gluten). A lot of the products are meant for cooking but they also have items like oatmeal cups, energy bars, and protein powders.

I pretty much use oats for everything; baking, pancakes, oatmeal. So for me, it’s better to get in bulk because I go through it so quickly. Check out my pancake recipe I make with oat flour!

Bob’s Red Mill Resealable Organic Extra Thick Rolled Oats (Pack of 4)

5. Modern Table Vegan Mac & Cheese

Before I became vegan I didn’t actually care for pizza or pasta too much but I did love mac and cheese. In my past five years as a vegan, I have tried my fair share of vegan mac and cheeses from boxed to homemade.

The first boxed mac and cheese I found that I really loved is by Daiya. But unfortunately, for me, Daiya can be heavy on my stomach. I also love Annie’s Vegan Mac and Cheese, but it doesn’t taste like traditional mac and cheese. My cousin introduced me to Modern Table and I fell in love. It is vegan, gluten-free, and has minimal ingredients. The bonus is it tastes like the mac and cheese I am used to.

If you love mac and cheese as much as I do then you might as well buy it in bulk to keep in your pantry.

Modern Table Classic Cheddar Vegan Mac & Cheese 6 Count

6. Edward and Son’s Bouillon Cubes

It is worth it to keep vegetable broth or bouillon seasoning on hand. I recommended this particular one because they have vegetable, beef, and chicken flavoring. All vegan!

Soup seasoning can be used for so much more than soup by the way. Let me explain.

I took a six month abroad program where I lived with a large group of people. Almost every night we would cook together but we didn’t have a large variety of food. I ended up stir-frying a lot of veggies and sauces (including curries and tomato sauces). Everyone loved most of what I made. My secret was soup seasoning and sugar in everything! I admit it is not the healthiest but at the time it worked.

Not-Beef + Not-Chick’n + Garden Veggie Edward & Sons Bouillon Cubes, Variety Set

7. Rice Cakes

I don’t have much to say about this one. I included rice cakes because they are an easy snack to grab and a good alternative to bread if you’re gluten-free.

Some examples of foods you can put on rice cakes would be avocado, jam, or hummus. Basically anything you can put on toast you can most likely put on rice cakes.

Lundberg Organic Brown Rice Cakes, Lightly Salted, (6 Count),Whole Grain Brown Rice

8. Spices Starter Set

I think that this is the most beautiful starter spice set!

Before I became vegan I didn’t really cook and there wasn’t really a reason for me to use so many spices. When I started really cooking I experimented with spices a lot. I definitely encourage you to do the same.

Spices are expensive in general so it is sometimes better to buy them in packs if possible. If you are going to start cooking your own tofu and sauces spices are key.

Spicewalla Kitchen Essentials Spices and Seasonings Set | 18 Spices

9. Butler Soy Curls

I thought this was a fun one. Amazon offers package deals for soy curls. The only ingredient in soy curls is whole non-GMO soybeans. That’s it.

Okay, but what are they? I know this is what you are asking. They are vegan a meat replacer. You can season them to taste like beef or chicken. Use them in stir-fries, soups, or tacos. The options are endless with soy curls.

Butler Soy Curls, 8 oz. Bags (Pack of 3)

10. Non-Dairy Milk

I don’t know if this is true for everyone but I don’t like having to buy (non-dairy) milk every single week. It is more convenient to me to buy multiple of the boxed ones that you don’t have to store in the fridge until opened.

I usually purchase almond milk or oat milk from Costco but Amazon offers it too.

Silk Shelf-Stable Almondmilk, Unsweetened1 Quart (Pack of 6)

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