January Vegan Beauty Favorites

Vegan cosmetics

The List

1. Oh K! SOS Mouse Cleanser

I recently discovered this at Ulta. It was on sale when I bought it, but even when it’s not on sale it is not expensive at all. What I loved about it is that was the foam is very soft on my skin and the product had a clean and fresh smell.

2. Sweet Chef Beet+Vitamin A Serum Shot/Ginger+Vitamin C Serum Shot

I’ve really gotten into serums recently. I do feel that after using these two serums my skin is visibly looking better.

3. Honest Organic Body Oil

If I am being honest I am not crazy about the smell of this product, but it does help make my skin softer. I think the best way to apply it is right out of the shower and then apply your favorite body lotion after.

4. Hello Activated Charcoal Whitening Toothpaste

I was using toms but it seems like this toothpaste instantly makes my teeth whiter plus I like the taste. I’ve actually been using the one with fluoride which is not pictured. Also, this product does make a mess in your sink because of the color, but it’s totally worth it!

Vegan Skincare

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