Hi! My name is Adena and I am so excited that you came across my blog! I am 25 and have been vegan for five years now. I became vegan for so many reasons; the animals, my health, and the environment. Probably like many of you, I was the only vegan in my family. And trust me, they were skeptical at first. Now they are proud that I made such a huge commitment to something I believe in.

When starting out I made mistakes (and still do). I didn’t know what to eat and lost about ten pounds. All I knew to order at a restaurant was salad. A lot of the time that was the only item on the menu. “Can I please have the cobb salad without the chicken, cheese, and hard boiled egg?” So yes, I would end up ordering a 12 dollar salad and have them take of all the items that actually made the salad expensive.

Believe it or not, I was not very good at cooking before I became vegan. So I had to learn how to cook, check labels, and figure out what products were actually vegan. Since becoming vegan I have become better and more creative when it comes to cooking. I eat healthier than I ever did before and have figured out how to maintain a balanced diet. Most importantly, I have learned not to be too hard on myself and others.

On this blog, you will not only find recipes but vegan product recommendations and lifestyle tips. The goal of this blog is to help show veganism can be easy and affordable and to encourage people who are exploring this lifestyle. So please, don’t be afraid to reach out or comment and say hello if you are new to veganism!

Check out my favorite recipe here.

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